Monday, December 29, 2008

Stephenie Meyer - New Moon

After finishing Twilight yesterday, I started reading New Moon straight away and didn't go to sleep till I finished it (much to my husband's annoyance). Just like its predecessor, New Moon was another enthralling read that I couldn't put down. The whole Bella-and-Edward thing did get a bit tedious at times with the Romeo and Juliet star-crossed lovers tragedy hammed up a little way too much, but having accepted the melodrama and teenage angst from the first book, it would be hypocritical to start complaining about it now. I really liked the character of Jacob Black, who became more than just Billy's kid in this book. As much as I welcomed Edward's return, it was a little sad to see the negative impact it had on Jacob's relationship with Bella as I thought he was such a revitalising breath of fresh air and I really enjoyed reading about their interactions. I'm not sure what Stephenie Meyer can do with the Bella-Edward-Jacob love triangle as it's pretty much doomed; vampire and werewolves as mortal enemies kinda make any friendship or relationship a lot harder! I'm now moving on to Eclipse, I'll be back with a report soon!