Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Shannon Drake - The Awakening

There is one more book that I forgot to post about. I had forgotten about it because I didn't finish it. This is why...

I had to give up even though I had managed to get to page 256. There was just so much waffle and the mistakes drove me bonkers! Twice (once could be justified as an oversight; when it happens twice, that's just really poor!), "it's" was used instead of "its", and "they're" was used instead of "their"! These were just the mistakes that I actually caught because I was only glancing through certain bits; who knows what else is there?! I also thought the story was just so... cheesy... Just how the story was framed, it came across really corny and tacky to me. I also hadn't known it involved vampires; not that I think there is anything wrong with vampire reads because I do like my supernatural books, but it just didn't feel like it fit in this context. The beginning of the book was heavily focused on the supernatural aspects (like demons, witchcraft etc.) but from the perspective that this was happening to ordinary folk. When I skipped to the end of the book to see if I should keep pushing through and read that there were vampires and werewolves involved, I thought, wtf?! That's when I knew I had to drop it. Maybe if I had continued, I would have gotten into the story but I think I've tried hard enough.