Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Augusten Burroughs - A Wolf at the Table

Augusten Burroughs delves into his childhood with his latest book and at times, it seems a little incredulous that he could remember in such great detail events from his childhood, especially those that happened when he was very young. However, for most parts, I do not doubt the authenticity of what he has gone through. If I look back at my own childhood, events that were traumatic for me as a kid (which did not even come close to what Augusten has been through!), I can still recall them pretty vividly. It truly is remarkable how he has turned his life around, considering everything that has happened to him. It must have been incredibly difficult to tell this story about his father and I admire him for his courage and unflinching honesty in sharing his life with his readers. The epilogue was exceptionally moving and I can just imagine the profound effect the lack of love and affection from his father has had on his life. I hope with this memoir, he is finally able to let go of his past and embrace his future, and continue producing great literary work. I look forward to reading more from Augusten Burroughs.