Monday, December 29, 2008

Stephenie Meyer - Eclipse

Okay, so this was an incredibly soppy read at times - it really is a teenage soap opera with supernatural elements - but I don't care. I absolutely LOVED it, possibly even more so than Twilight. I was so incredibly swept up in the story that I simply couldn't tear my eyes away, even with the ridiculously sappy lines for the romantic bits. What can I say, I'm a sucker for sappy romance! The Bella-Edward-Jacob love triangle goes into full swing in Eclipse and even though it's obvious there can't be a happy ending for all parties involved, there are still a few thoroughly enjoyable and hilarious moments. I enjoyed reading about the rivalry between Jacob and Edward, in particular the two major events when Bella punched Jacob (and broke her hand), and when they were camping and ended up sharing the same tent - I couldn't stop myself laughing. There are also the sad moments: when Edward and Jacob share a heart-to-heart; when Bella comes to the realisation that she does love both Edward and Jacob but it is impossible to reconcile her feelings for both. Corny as the words may have been, I was incredibly touched by the part where Bella was at Jake's side after getting hurt in the vampire fight and they both had to acknowledge that their future was not going to happen. I was so emotionally invested in the story that I was still heartbroken for Jacob (even though he's not real!) for the inevitable outcome; I may have even shed a few tears (gasp!). Stephenie Meyer does lay it on a bit thick with the 'no sex before marriage' message, which was mildly annoying but not enough to dampen my love for the book. Oh, I also needed to point out the one mistake that I found (which stood out because it irked me) when 'who's' was used instead of 'whose'. This was right towards the end when Bella and Edward were having a discussion about sex/wedding/the change and Edward wanted to know whose definition of right that Bella was adhering to. Again, another minor detail but I just needed to point it out. That said, Meyer's writing is just absolute magic and with Eclipse, I was drawn even deeper into the world where Bella Swan, Eward Cullen and Jacob Black exist, even with all the melodrama. Bring on Breaking Dawn!