Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Stephen King - Duma Key

Well, it sure was a bad idea to pick up this book because once I did, I was just glued to it even though I really should have been focusing on doing my household chores. I was hooked right from the beginning and once the story picked up pace, I just had to keep going till I had an answer to the mystery unravelling before my eyes. I have not read much of Stephen King's vast portfolio (the last book of his that I read was The Cell) but what I've read so far, I have always enjoyed them. Duma Key was certainly another thrilling read - a little too long perhaps, but even if it were double its current length, I would still have raced through it to get to the end. There may have been some plot inconsistencies (and some unnecessary and irrelevant political viewpoints) but not major enough to distract from the main storyline and Stephen King portrayed such real and engaging characters that really drew me in as a reader into the story. The description of the drawings that Edgar painted were also so vivid that they jumped off right the page; it would have been really neat if there were illustrations included in the book. I really enjoyed the supernatural theme of the story, although it did get a tiny bit silly at times with talk of vampires and zombies, which felt out of place in the book. Overall though, this was a fantastic read and I think I will seek out Stephen King's earlier work from the library.