Saturday, January 26, 2008

Sue Grafton - S is for Silence

Read on 7 January 2008:
This was surprisingly engaging and I found myself drawn into the story, wanting to know more. Considering that Kinsey was following up on such an old case, I thought it would be a book that I would ditch pretty quickly as I didn't think much would happen. This turned out to be the case -- apart from slashed tyres and a bar fight -- but I was proven wrong. The author did a great job in builing the tension and I enjoyed the flashback chapters as Kinsey investigated the case, and her "interviews" with the various characters gave greater insight into the bigger picture. What was disappointing though was the abrupt ending, which didn't make much sense either. Apart from the obvious that the killer was after Violet's money, but still, there didn't seem to be much else of a motive. I know that money is as good as any other motive, but throw in the clue highlighted by the author about the dog being significant, it just didn't make sense in the overall scheme of things. It almost felt like Sue Grafton got tired of writing the book and decided to wrap things up and just picked a character out of a hat to be the perp. An otherwise good read marred by an unsatisfactory ending, which is most unfortunate.


  1. Hugh said...

    Hey, nice blog. I was surfing randomly and came across your blog about books, based in Melbourne. What a bizarre coincidence. I've been meaning to read Kerry Greenwood too, but never got around to it.