Saturday, January 26, 2008

Kerry Greenwood - Heavenly Pleasures

Not a bad follow-up to Earthly Delights, but I think its predecessor was better. The first book was "clean", with one main plot as its central focus and great character development. In Heavenly Pleasures, it was far messier and rather convoluted with several stories happening at the same time. One was the case to solve at the chocolate store, which then broke off to another case involving a runaway. There was also the mystery of the new face to Insula, resulting in bombs and break-ins, while also having to deal with a nutcase before he self-destructed and got himself killed in prison. There were just far too many things going on for each to be developed properly, so it was very much touch-and-go for the various stories. The great cast of characters helped to keep me going through the messy plot lines, and all in all, it was a competent follow-up, but just didn't turn out as good as I hoped it would be.