Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Charlaine Harris - A Secret Rage

This was first written in 1984 and was published again in 2007 as a mass-market paperback edition. I stumbled upon a copy in the library and I borrowed it as I had always enjoyed Charlaine's novels. This was a fast-paced mystery-thriller, which flowed more like a TV show with abrupt change of scenes rather than a natural progression of chapters. While it wasn't a bad read, I felt it was quite ordinary with a predictable ending. As I had picked the killer quite early, the book didn't have that climax for me as most thrillers usually would. I also found it extremely weird that the protagonist immediately developed a sexual relationship with her childhood crush after her rape. Not that I would have any understanding how a rape victim copes with the aftermath, but surely jumping straight into a sexual relationship wouldn't be it? I understand that the comfort and warmth from the relationship itself will be very much wanted and needed after such a traumatic experience, but I definitely don't get the sex bits. If presented with the opportunity, I will never turn down crime fiction from Charlaine Harris, but her Sookie Stackhouse series -- as fluffy as the books are -- is still more appealing to me than her other novels.