Monday, January 21, 2008

Philip Pullman - The Amber Spyglass

Read on 28 December 2007:
I read the first two in the series, His Dark Materials, from bookrings on BookCrossing, which really had me absorbed. I couldn't wait for the third book to arrive so I borrowed a copy from the library. Boy, what a letdown after investing all that time into this series!

I am so disappointed with the ending for The Amber Spyglass. Okay, so I'm hardwired for happy endings, but surely Will and Lyra could stay together?! I don't get why there could only be ONE window left open. Yes, yes, it messes with the Dust or whatever, but it took gabizillion of those windows to screw everything up, it hardly seems like having TWO windows would throw all of the universes back into utter chaos. Personally, I thought it was a lame ending because it just "fit" to do the tragic-lovers thing. Also, it doesn't feel finished, which makes me feel kinda cheated, because as much as I would love to read more, what I want even more is a proper conclusion. This still feels very open-ended, and after some googling, I find out there are companion novels to be published to wrap up the unfinished storylines. That is so annyoing, the story should have been wrapped up properly from the start! It was a thrilling read but major points off for the cop-out ending. URGH!