Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Mary Higgins Clark - You Belong to Me

Mary Higgins Clark may not write the most imaginative of thrillers but she's an accomplished writer in her own right and she never fails to deliver a page-turner that's full of suspense. She's like that dependable friend: she can always be relied on to produce a mystery thriller that is easily digestible and pleasant to read. You Belong to Me doesn't disappoint and is an entertaining read despite its formulaic structure and predictability. While I had picked the killer quite early on, she kept me guessing and doubting myself with the red herrings that were thrown in throughout the narrative. The only minor letdown is that when the killer is finally revealed, apart from being barking mad, the implied motive for the murders seems quite weak - although, who am I to argue that insanity isn't a good enough reason? As described on Amazon, this is vintage Mary Higgins Clark and most readers will enjoy this fast-moving storyline that makes for effortless reading.