Sunday, February 1, 2009

Agatha Christie - The Clocks

Even though my mother was a fan of Agatha Christie, for some reason, I never read any of her books when I was growing up, despite being a fan of the mystery genre myself. When the video game, And Then There Were None (which was based on Agatha Christie's novel) was released, I decided to seek out a copy of it to read before trying out the game. (The book has been read but the game has only seen about 10 minutes of action so far...) I found And Then There Were None strangely compelling, even with the old-fashioned writing, and I did not hesitate to pick up The Clocks when I saw it at meet-up. Once again, the set-up here is very interesting and the mystery and suspense was sustained throughout, although I did find some of the dialogue quite dreary, especially when it was not related to main plot. However, I thought the ending was quite weak and a bit of a cop-out when everything leading up to that point was really excellent and had me completely hooked. A disappointing finish, but overall, still a fairly exciting and enjoyable read.