Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Neil Gaiman - The Sandman Vol. 6: Fables and Reflections

Fables and Reflections is another volume in the Sandman series that is a collection of short stories. Once again, Neil Gaiman displays his deft touch with some brilliant story-telling: Ramadan, Orpheus, and The Hunt are my favourites from this volume, although I do like most of the stories in this volume. While they are standalone stories, some do have linkages with previous and future volumes, which make it confusing for me at times because I feel that I'm not getting the full picture. There were also a few stories that didn't do much for me, like Soft Places and Fear of Falling, while August was just plain weird. The best thing in this volume though? Seeing Death and Dream as children - absolutely adorable, something that you'd think would never apply! If there ever were figurines of Lil' Death and Dream, I'd definitely try to get them for myself. Fables and Reflections may not be the most consistent offering as a whole, but it's definitely still worth a read for the ones that don't disappoint.