Friday, June 13, 2008

Harlan Coben - Deal Breaker

Myron Bolitar is officially my favourite character from all the mystery novels out there. Harlan Coben has created such a fascinating character: he's charming and dashing; has a great sense of humour with those witty one-liners; but also very vulnerable and injured in a very attractive way and just makes you want to hug him and say that everything will be okay. There is also a great supporting cast: his best mate, Win, whom I must say is a little scary and creepy (but still oh so cool); Esperanza, a fiercely protective friend; and Jessica, who is the love of his life. Everything just works so well in this book -- the combination of humour (great banter between characters!), mystery and suspense -- they just come together perfectly and make this such an entertaining read. There are also some classic moments that made me laugh so hard. For example, Win getting a mobster to drop the hit on Myron by offering him the opportunity to play at prestigious golf courses -- priceless! I was first introduced to Myron and his gang in Drop Shot and now that I've read the first in the series, this is one that I will continue to follow. I would love to know more about Jessica and Myron; Coben never explains why the two broke up and he makes it clear that they both still are very much in love with each other. Overall, a fantastic book; I say, give me more!