Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Christopher Moore - Coyote Blue

I'm still fairly new to Christopher Moore's work but so far, his books have never failed to entertain me. Coyote Blue is no exception with plenty of laugh-out-loud moments - my husband was seriously worried that I was going to fall off the bed eventually from the cackling. I don't know enough about Indian gods to fully understand the underlying mythology referenced in the book but it didn't stop me from enjoying the story. Moore spins some really zany scenarios and you just have to go along for the ride. The protagonist, Samson Hunts Alone, is a likeable guy and as a reader, I couldn't help but cheer him on as he goes on his quest with the crazy god by his side. However, my absolutely favourite character would have to be Minty Fresh - how does someone even begin to imagine naming a character that?! The book is by no means perfect but it's easy to overlook the flaws and just be pulled into the story and enjoy every minute of it. I know I did!