Tuesday, June 2, 2009

China Miéville - Un Lun Dun

What an amazing story! Un Lun Dun is spectacularly imaginative and the UnLondon that China Miéville has created is endlessly fascinating. Certainly, there will be comparisons to Neil Gaiman’s Neverwhere that also features an alternate London called London Below (Miéville acknowledged Neverwhere as a source of inspiration) but Un Lun Dun is uniquely charming in its own right. I loved the characters and the surprising turns that the story took. I kept expecting Book to discover that it was wrong about the prophecies all along and it was actually Deeba who was the Schwazzy, but I liked how Miéville stuck to celebrating the sidekick – you know, the funny one. The madcap universe of UnLondon (and other abcities) was absolutely delightful; my favourite inhabitants were the binjas and utterlings. Oh, and of course, Curdle, your very own pet milk carton. Un Lun Dun was an utterly engaging and entertaining read and I would be happy to revisit this weird and whimsical world with carnivorous giraffes and half-ghosts again and again. Now, can someone tell me how I can get my very own rebrella?