Sunday, March 30, 2008

Kristina Jones, Celeste Jones & Juliana Buhring - Not Without My Sister

This book is about three sisters who spent their childhoods in the cult called 'Children of God'. I had never heard of this cult before and it's shocking to know that such an organisation still exists. Some of the things that the children were subjected to were truly disturbing, with adults knowingly and deliberately engaging in such behaviour when they should have been the children's protectors -- just appalling. I am always amazed to see how people can manipulate religion to suit their own twisted beliefs and then propagate those new doctrines and gather new followers; why others even believe and fall for it, I can never understand. I admire the three sisters for their determination and courage in the face of such unimaginably horrific circumstances and their abilities to break free from the cult, picking up the pieces and carrying on with the rest of their lives. My only complaint that it's sometimes a little difficult to follow the timelines from three different perspectives, but otherwise, a compelling read.