Monday, March 10, 2008

Jeff Lindsay - Dearly Devoted Dexter

I love the TV show, Dexter, which then brought me to the book, Darkly Dreaming Dexter, when I found out that the TV show was based on Jeff Lindsay's novel. As much as I enjoyed the first book in the series, because I had watched the TV show first, there was a lack of anticipation since I already knew the major plotlines. However, for Dearly Devoted Dexter, I could really sink my teeth into this one as the TV series veered off into a completely different direction for its second season. With this book, I could just fully throw myself into the storyline as I had no idea what was coming and could just go along with it. In this one, there is yet another horrible serial killer that Dexter has to track down, with some truly gruesome and graphic scenes included in the book. Yet -- as ironic as this sounds -- while the subject matter can be heavy (such as murder and pedophilia), the book itself always has a humorous tone from the way Dexter is portrayed. He may be a murderer himself, but somehow, he gets the readers on his side. I enjoyed the second outing with Dexter, although I'm not too keen on the Cody storyline, and the engagement with Rita feels pretty forced as well. I also pity Doakes with the treatment he received in the book -- at least on the show he didn't have to suffer. I look forward to reading the next book in the series, which I already have in my hot little hands. Aren't libraries just wonderful?!