Saturday, March 22, 2008

John Connolly - The Book of Lost Things

John Connolly just seems to get better and better with each book of his that I pick up; he's definitely become one of my favourite authors. (Number one will always be Terry Pratchett though!) Even though this is only the third book that I've read by John Connolly, I reckon it's the best so far. I've always been a fan of fantasy and fairy tales, and while Connolly is not the first who has given his own twist on the traditional fairy tales that we know, he weaves them into a unique story of his own and gives them shape and context within his own tale. Especially after reading his own personal views about the book -- these are shared with readers at the end -- this really provides readers greater insight into his thoughts behind certain elements of the book and gives the book deeper meaning. I also enjoyed reading the original versions of the tales referenced in the book and about their origins. Again, this highlights the care behind the thought process of the author; Connolly is truly a master of his craft. This is a definite addition to my list of favourite books, and I will be purchasing my own copy (I had borrowed this from the library) for my personal library, which I am sure I will be reading again and again.