Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Kerry Greenwood - Devil's Food

Absolutely fabulous! This is a great addition to the Corinna Chapman series. The previous book, Heavenly Pleasures, was a bit of a letdown, in my opinion, but boy oh boy, has Kerry Greenwood made a comeback with this one. It was a perfect mixture of a few plot lines that came together so well and made Devil's Food brilliant. Although the climatic peaks in the novel weren't really all that dramatic, it flowed really smoothly and it was such a joy to read. As infuriating as Starshine was, the appearance of Corinna's parents made for some interesting dynamics and provided greater insight to her past. The usual cast of characters are tight-knit as ever and they give a real warmth to the story. Especially when everyone comes together to care for Jason when he falls ill, that is really touching and makes me wish for neighbours like that! I loved the familiarity of the Melbourne setting; I'm not sure if the Insula is a real building in Melbourne but if it is, I sure would love to live there! I hope Kerry Greenwood will keep going with this series as Corinna Chapman is a wonderful character and it will be such a shame if readers don't get to see more of her. On to Book 4, which will be the last book in the series so far. After that, I think I will need to bake some of Jason's chocolate orgasmic muffins till my next Corinna Chapman fix...