Monday, February 18, 2008

C.J. Adams & Cathy Clamp - Hunter's Moon

Hmmm... I felt really ambivalent about this one. I was after a fluff read so I picked this one off my bookshelf. Some parts were interesting, but otherwise, I found most of the book rather tedious -- especially when the authors went on and on about the various scents. I know it's supposed to be a characteristic for Tony, the werewolf in the story, but talk about overkill. Gimme a break! The other protagonist also wasn't all that interesting. Usually when the heroine isn't depicted as drop-dead gorgeous, she will have other quirky and charming qualities that endears her to the reader. Not so much in this case. Sue was portrayed as a plain Jane and a complete pushover -- she just wasn't that likeable. While I did feel a little sorry for her because of her horrid family, I never really found myself cheering for her. (And it was a bit of a stretch to want to off yourself just because of that -- grow a backbone and kick them OUT!) If I chance upon the other books in the series, I will probably give them a go, but only because I'm interested to know more about the Sazi and how they function in the real world. It was a shame that the book didn't turn out as well as I had hoped as I thought it could have been a real gem. Hopefully the later books in the series will be better!