Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Charlaine Harris - All Together Dead

I love Charlaine Harris's Southern Vampire Mysteries because Sookie Stackhouse is a great character and you can't help but cheer for her. The first few books in the series have been fabulous reads but the last couple of books have been a little disappointing. They feel unnecessarily complicated with various events thrown in that go nowhere and don't really make sense. This is the case here in Book 7, where there are so many characters that I have to keep reminding myself who is who to keep up with the plot. This love-rectangle thing is also driving me a little batty. I think there needs to be resolution between Sookie and Bill, it just can't keep being a recurring issue. I mean, having Quinn and Eric eyeballing each other for Sookie's affections is quite enough without having Bill remaining in the equation. In the recent books, Bill has already been relegated to minor character status so I reckon closure needs to happen there. The ending is also messy, with so many unanswered questions that I hope will be addressed in the next book. Of course I will keep going with the series, but I sure hope Book 8 will be better than this offering.