Monday, May 26, 2008

Gillian Flynn - Sharp Objects

This sure was an impressive debut effort from Gillian Flynn, albeit a very dark and twisted one. Flynn crafted a psychological thriller that was extremely intense and there was no let-up from the intensity at anytime; it was uncomfortable, creepy and bone-chilling at times. Camille, the protagonist in the novel, was a damaged soul from her childhood and emerged broken, still unable to shake off her demons. The author built a palpable suspense in revealing the horrors that Camille went through, and what she unveiled in her investigation of the two murders in her hometown. I was kinda expecting the ending but Flynn had me hook, line and sinker for the mother, so I was still horrified when I read it and it blew me away. This was a page-turning thriller that had me hooked on every page and I look forward to more of Gillian Flynn's work.